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      Rhinoceroses are distributed in asia and africa,they have a lot of kinds.The body of the rhinocero likes a cattle,the head likes a triangle.Their brains are very silly,and their vision is poor,but they have strong sense of smell and hearing.Although the rhinoceroes are very heavy,they can run very fast.The posture when they are asleep is special,sometimes they sleep when they are standing.They eat all kinds of plants.They breed very slowly,they breed once throughout about five years.I like them very much.

      犀牛分布于亚洲和非洲,有很多种类。犀牛的形体像牛,头呈三角形。犀牛头脑比较迟钝,视觉很差,但嗅觉和听觉敏锐。 犀牛虽然体型笨重,但仍能以相当快的速度行走或奔跑。犀牛睡觉的`姿势很特殊,它们有时卧倒,也有时站着入睡。 犀牛以各种植物为食。它们的繁殖很慢,近五年才生育一次。我很喜欢它们。

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