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      你有过独自一人在家的'经历吗?请根据你的亲身经历选择情况A或情况B完成短文。 情况A:曾经独自一人在家。你的某次经历及其感受是什么样的?



      提示词:look after, have fun, miss, grow, worried, excited, surprised


      I’ve been home alone for several times and my first stay at home alone was memorable.

      When I was twelve, once both of my parents were away on business, and I had been all by myself for two days. They left early the first day, and I got up soon after they left. In the first evening I was a little scared, so I turned on all the lights. I actually kept the light on in my bedroom the whole night. For fear of getting up late the next morning, I put three alarm clocks near my bed. In order to prove that I could take care of myself, I washed my own clothes the second afternoon, though I could wait for mom to do it. I really felt proud of myself and thought I was a big girl.


      Up to now I’ve never had a chance to be at home alone. But if there’s one in the future, I guess Iwill take care of myself very easily.The reasons are as follows.

      First of all, I keep a good daily routine. That’s to say, I can get up and go to bed at usual time by myself. And I can cook simple food. The most important reason is thatI can balance my study and entertainment.

      Therefore, my parents won’t worry about me if they have to stay away for a few days.

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