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    小蝎子作文|小蝎子 英语作文

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      今天追星作文,爸爸拿来了一些小蝎子。开始,我看到蝎子时感到很害怕,但是,在妈妈的鼓励下,我终于倒出了几只玩耍。Today, Dad brought some little scorpions. At first, I was scared when I saw scorpion, but with my mother\s encouragement, I finally poured out a few to play.我发现蝎子和我的小拇指差不多长,身体是棕黄色的,头和肚子共有6节,肚子有三对白点,妈妈告诉我这是侧眼,尾部有5节和一对个尾刺。有一大的前爪和4对小爪。I found that the scorpion and my little thumb are about the same length, the body is brown yellow, there are six sections of head and belly, and there are three pairs of white spots in the belly. My mother told me that this is the side eye, and there are five sections of tail and a pair of tail thorns. It has a large front claw and 4 pairs of small claws.蝎子在小瓶里张牙舞爪的,我用铅笔戳了一下,它们立即把尾巴翘起来向铅笔进攻,它们用尾刺从下往上刮我的铅笔,想刺入敌人”体内追星作文,没有成功。我又往它们身上撒了一些水,它们把尾巴翘起来不停地转圈像直升飞机一样在水里游动。The scorpion is in the small bottle. I poked it with a pencil. They immediately raised their tail to attack the pencil. They scraped my pencil from the bottom to the top with a tail stab. They tried to stab the "enemy" without success. I sprinkled some more water on them, and they kept their tails up and around like helicopters swimming in the water.妈妈提议给爸爸泡蝎子酒追星作文,我们精心挑选了9只膘肥体壮的蝎子,把它们洗干净泡在酒里,它们在酒里拼命挣扎,仿佛在说: 大家只要齐心合力,就一定能逃出去的!”蝎子号称复活的精灵”,它在炎热的石缝里不吃不喝的情况下能生活3年,但是它们好像失去了知觉,不过在食物和水分充足的情况下可以慢慢醒过小学作文,它们的生命力可真顽强啊!Scorpion is known as "the spirit of resurrection". It can live for three years without eating or drinking in the hot stone crevices, but they seem to lose consciousness. However, when the food and water are sufficient, they can wake up slowly. Their vitality is really tenacious!
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