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    小猫作文|小猫 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-23 19:10编辑:佚名阅读(

      我家有只淘气的小猫剪纸的作文,它活泼又可爱,长得很漂亮,还会抓老鼠,所以我特别喜欢它。There is a naughty cat in my family. It is lively and lovely. It is very beautiful. It can catch mice, so I like it very much.小花穿着金黄色的毛衣,一双象黑葡萄一样,亮晶晶的眼睛,黑鼻红嘴,长长的胡须足有二寸多长。抓到老鼠时几根胡须竖起来剪纸的作文,喵、喵、喵的叫。The kitten was wearing a golden sweater, a pair of black grapes, bright eyes, black nose, red mouth, long beard two inches long. When catching the mouse, several moustaches stand up, meow, meow.吃起老鼠来它的爪子很厉害,一下子把鼠皮扒开,津津有味的把鼠肉吃掉高中作文,剩下一张血淋淋的鼠皮。吃完后双脚来回洗脸剪纸的作文,咪咪高声叫着,好像在说:我吃饱了!我吃饱了!”然后懒洋洋的睡觉去了。Eat the mouse. Its claws are very powerful. At once, peel off the skin of the mouse, eat the meat of the mouse with relish, leaving a bloody skin. After eating, she washed her face back and forth with her feet. Mimi cried loudly, as if she was saying, "I\m full! I\m full! " Then I went to sleep lazily
      我的理想作文 写景状物作文 剪纸的作文

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