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    春天来了作文|春天来了 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-24 19:10编辑:佚名阅读(

      今天描写雾的作文,我一起床就发现花盆里的迎春花开了。小小的花瓣黄黄的,还有一些绿绿的花苞呢。我高兴得叫了起来:妈妈描写雾的作文,快来呀描写雾的作文,花儿开了!”妈妈走过来笑着说:孩子,你看那边的柳树。”我赶紧看过去初中作文,柳树变绿了,嫩嫩的绿衣服真好看。Today, I found the spring greeting flowers in the flowerpot when I was in bed. Small yellow petals and some green bracts. I cried happily, "Mom, come on, the flowers are blooming!" Mother came over and said with a smile, "son, look at the willows over there." I look at it quickly. The willows are green. The green clothes are so nice.妈妈告诉我春天来了。我喜欢春天。My mother told me that spring came. I like spri
      小学升初中作文 描写星星的作文 描写雾的作文
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