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    挖野菜作文|挖野菜 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-26 19:10编辑:佚名阅读(

      春天来了,外面的田野上绿茸茸的。爸爸和妈妈带我去小河边挖野菜。Spring is coming. The fields outside are green and hairy. My father and mother took me to dig wild vegetables by the river.我们到了河岸边小学作文,哇!这里好多的野菜。我拿了一个最小的铲子,在一些乱蓬蓬的干草下面把嫩绿的小野菜挖出来,好兴奋。一个又一个小学生作文选,我不停地挖,不一会儿,手中的小袋子里已经有不少劳动成果了。抬起头来,伸伸腰休息片刻。爸爸带我过了一个小桥,在小河的边边上有一棵大大的野菜小学生作文选,特别绿,妈妈说那可能是一棵野草小学生作文选,也可能是野菜精。它太大了,相当于普通野菜的两三倍大呢。我小心翼翼地走过去用力拔下它。We got to the riverbank, whoa! There are many wild vegetables here. I took the smallest shovel and dug out the green vegetables under some messy hay. I was so excited. One by one, I kept digging. In a short time, there were many achievements in the small bag in my hand. Raise your head and stretch out for a rest. My father took me across a small bridge. There is a big wild vegetable beside the river. It\s very green. My mother said it could be a wild grass or a wild vegetable essence. It\s too big. It\s two or three times the size of ordinary wild vegetables. I walked over carefully and pulled it out.我们挖了好多菜,收获真不少。今天真有趣,要是每天都这样多好啊。We\ve dug a lot of vegetables and got a lot. It\s so interesting today. If only it were every day
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