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    我家的小狗作文|我家的小狗 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-04 19:10编辑:佚名阅读(

      星期六的那一天早上,外公买来一只小狗送给我,它的毛象雪一样白,它的耳朵特别的尖,眼睛圆圆的,大大的,它的尾巴又短又粗,我非常喜欢它,还给它起了个名字悄悄话作文,叫小白”,这就是我家的小狗。On the morning of Saturday, grandpa bought me a puppy. Its hair is as white as snow. Its ears are very sharp. Its eyes are round and big. Its tail is short and thick. I like it very much. I gave it a name, called "Xiaobai". This is my puppy.我出去玩的时候,它就跟在我的后边,还不停的摇尾巴,我蹲下去想抱它,它就和我捉迷藏,一下子跑远了,我刚站起来想走,它又跑过来给我的脚挠痒痒,乐得我哈哈大笑。晚上的时候小学作文,我用纸箱做了一个狗窝,里面铺上很舒适的小被,子,它就有了温暖的家。它只要听见陌生人的脚步,就叫过不停,如果有小偷来偷东西,小偷不注意碰到它悄悄话作文,它就咬着小偷的腿,不让它走,等我们起床去抓小偷,这只小狗还真是我家的把门将军。In the evening, I made a dog\s Kennel out of a cardboard box, which was covered with a comfortable quilt. Then it had a warm home. As long as it hears the footsteps of strangers, it can\t stop barking. If a thief comes to steal something and the thief doesn\t pay attention to it, it will bite the thief\s leg and won\t let him go. When we get up to catch the thief, the dog is really the door general of my family.吃饭的时候,我给它吃剩汤剩饭,还给它吃大骨头,它还有一个讲究哩!它把吃不掉的骨头在我家的菜地里挖了一个洞,把骨头装在里面,等饿了再吃悄悄话作文,它还真节省哟!When I eat, I give it leftover soup and big bones. It\s also exquisite! It dug a hole in my vegetable field with the bones that can\t be eaten. It put the bones in it. It\s really economical to eat when it\s hungry!多么活泼可爱的小白”呀!我真喜欢它。What a lovely little white! I really
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