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    我的爸爸作文|我的爸爸 英语作文

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      我的爸爸有一双会说话的大眼睛,整天笑眯眯的,好像有说不完的高兴事。有人说:宰相肚里能撑船。”可惜,爸爸肚子很大,能撑下一个航空母舰,但他不是宰相。My father has a pair of big eyes that can talk. He smiles all day. He seems to have endless happy things. Some people said, "the prime minister can hold a boat in his belly." Unfortunately, dad has a big stomach and can support an aircraft carrier, but he is not prime minister.爸爸看过很多书。他知道《水浒传》有个武大郎,会做非常好吃的煎饼;他还知道《西游记》里孙悟空没有爸爸,没有妈妈作文题材,是从石头缝里蹦出来的。Dad has read a lot of books. He knew that there was a wudaolang in Outlaws of the marsh who could make very delicious pancakes; he also knew that monkey king in journey to the West had no father or mother, and he jumped out of the stone cracks.爸爸很爱我小学作文,当我写字的时候,他总是笑眯眯的,像被幸福砸了头;当我不听话的时候作文题材,他就会吹胡子瞪眼睛;当我考试得了100分,他会边唱边跳,好像把开心果吃上了。Dad loves me very much. When I write, he always smiles, like being hit by happiness. When I don\t obey, he will blow his beard and stare. When I get 100 points in the exam, he will sing and dance, as if eating pistachios.我非常爱爸爸作文题材,就像爸爸非常爱我一样。I love dad as much as he love
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