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        关于中秋节的高中英语作文篇1  Mid-Autumn Festival The 15th day of the 8th lunar month The joyousMid-Autumn Festival was celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon,around the time of the autumn equinox(秋分)。

      Many referred to it simply as the"Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon".  This day was also considered as a harvest festival since fruits, vegetablesand grain had been harvested by this time and food was abundant. Food offeringswere placed on an altar set up in the courtyard. Apples, pears想象类作文, peaches小学作文, grapes,pomegranates(石榴), melons, oranges and pomelos(柚子) might be seen. Special foodsfor the festival included moon cakes, cooked taro(芋头)and water caltrope(菱角), atype of water chestnut resembling black buffalo horns. Some people insisted thatcooked taro be included because at the time of creation, taro was the first fooddiscovered at night in the moonlight. Of all these foods, it could not beomitted from the Mid-Autumn Festival.  l love Mid-autumn Festival very much!  关于中秋节的高中英语作文篇2  Mid-autumn Day is a Chinese festival. It usually comes in September orOctober .On that day we usually eat a big dinner and mooncakes. It is said "HouYi" missed his wife,so he made mooncakes. It looks like the moon.  There are many kinds of mooncakes. They are small round cakes with meat,nuts or something sweet inside . eating mooncakes has been our custom. Familiesstay outside in the open air eat a big dinner and mooncakes. The most importantthing is looking at the moon, On that day, the moon kooks brighter and rounder.We call this moon the full moon.  On that day, families get together, so we call this day getting together.This is Mid-autumn Day. I love it very much. Because on that day I can eatmooncakes. And my brother comes back home. He works outside all year. Only thatday and the Spring Festival. He comes back. So that day I am especially happy.On that day my family gets together.  关于中秋节的高中英语作文篇3  Mid-autumn Festival in Singapore is quite lively. The holiday arrived afront for month, the moon cake lantern starts to go on the market. Moon cake,not only satisfies people's luck of having good things to eat also to use forthe ancestor worship to pay respects to the moon, is the holiday high qualitygoods which the relative friend presents mutually. Except the moon cake,Midautumn Festival's another kind of holiday high quality goods are "thepomelo".  Speaking of the young people, makes them feel the interest is the all kindsof manufacture fine lantern, they also were taking advantage of the holidayopportunity, exposes manufactures the lantern the talent, adults also may at theonce a year lantern manufacture competition and the decorative lanternexposition heartily the entertainment.  The Singaporean person also may participate by the populace contacts or theclubhouse sponsor midautumn festival party. The whole family enjoys looking atthe moon also is fine deeds together, displays the fruits and melons, the mooncake in the home, again adds the children lantern, is warm, harmonious .  In order to cause the midautumn festival festival the atmosphere thickly,celebration is more common, we suggested hangs up the lantern in the publicplace, at the same time sponsors plays lantern-riddles and so on theactivity.  关于中秋节的高中英语作文篇4  The Mid-Autumn is a very important Chinese festival. It falls on the 15thday of August. A few days before the festival, everyone in the family will helpto make the house clean and beautiful. Lanterns will be hung in front of thehouse.  On the evening there will be a big family dinner. People who work far awayfrom their homes will try to come back for the union. After dinner, people willlight the lanterns which are usually red and round. Children will play withtheir own toy lanterns happily.  At night the moon is usually round and bright. People can enjoy the moonwhile eating moon-cakes which are the special food for this festival. They canlook back on the past and look forward to the future together. It is said thatthere was a dragon in the sky. The dragon wanted to swallow up the moon. Toprotect the frighten the dragon away.  I think Mid-Autumn Day is an old traditional festival in Chi-na. Everybodylikes it because it's a family get-together. You see it is called“Mid-AutumnDay”, so it often comes in September or October. It is on the 15th of the 8th ofthe lunar month. Now, let's say something about this interesting festival.  关于中秋节的高中英语作文篇5  The Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival is one rich in poetic(诗意的) significance.Ancient legends(古代的传说) that became interwoven with this festival‘s celebrationfurther contribute to the warm regard in which it has always been held by theChinese people. According to the lunar calendar(农历), the seventh, eighth, andninth months constitute the autumn season. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15thday of the eighth lunar month, precisely in the middle of this season, when theheat of the summer has given way to cool autumn weather, marked by blue skiesand gentle breezes. On this day the moon is at its greatest distance from theearth; at no other time is it so luminous. Then, as the Chinese say, “The moonis perfectly round.” In the villages the heavy work involved in the summerharvest has already been completed but the autumn harvest has not yetarrived.  The actual origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival are still very unclear. Theearliest records are from the time of the great Han dynasty emperor Wu Di(156-87 B.C.), who initiated celebrations lasting three days, including banquetsand “Viewing the Moon” evenings on the Toad Terrace. We know that people duringthe Jin dynasty (265-420 A.D.) continued the custom of Mid-Autumn Festivalcelebrations想象类作文, and similar accounts have come down to us from the time of theTang dynasty. During the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) houses and gardens weredecorated with numerous lanterns and the sound of gongs and drums filled theair.(gwdq.com)  Moon cakes came on sale shortly before festival time. In the past, onecould get some cakes shaped like pagodas, others like a horse and rider, fish oranimals. Still others were decorated with the images of rabbits, flowers, orgoddesses. There were a myriad of different fillings available: sugar, melonseeds, almonds, orange peel想象类作文, sweetened cassia blossom, or bits of ham andpreserved beef. The cakes are of the northern and southern styles, but thelatter (also called Guangdong-style) are the most popular and are availablethroughout the country.  The round shape of cakes just symbolizes not only the moon but also theunity of the family. Therefore the Mid-Autumn Festival is actually a day forfamily reunion.中秋节英语作文高二5篇

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